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Welcome to the ARP Web Site


News Flash. Australia has one of the few Constitutions in the world that can

only be changed by the people and it is binding.


Even the United States constitution can be changed by Congress (Politicians)



Look up Agenda 21,United Nations agenda for the 21st Century and the quest for a

One world Government.









Dear Fellow Members,


Stan has passed the President's baton over to me and has stayed on as Vice-President.

May I take this opportunity to thank both Stan and Steve Parker for the extraordinary amount of time, energy and personal anguish they went through to rescue the Party in the dark past. The fact that we are still here today is a tribute to them.


ABOUT ME: Born and raised, fishing and hunting, in a small (pop. 400) central Victorian town. 30 years a banker in Vic and the NT Top End, followed by 8 years running my own business. Now happily retired. Managed to land and release a black marlin off WA in September and can die happy. Also, a heretic when it comes to the new religion of Man Made Climate Change (that is my personal opinion and not necessarily that of the party).


Citizensí Rights.

†††††† For citizens to reclaim the right to have a say in this country's future. The right of peaceful, honest, law-abiding citizens to go about their business and leisure, without some parasitic bureaucrat or politician telling them they can't do it. Those parasites don't own this country, we the people, do.

ABOUT THE FUTURE: Firstly, to all our members, from one side of the country to the other, who have stayed loyal and true, your committee thanks you. Going forward, to strengthen the party and satisfy Electoral Commission requirements, we now need to increase our membership base further.


We all lead busy lives and have our own priorities, but I reckon if each of us could just convince one more person that what we are on about is in their own best interests, we can start to make a difference. It's called People Power. I urge each of you to help spread the word. Sign up new members if you can. They can call the $20 ($10 concession) annual membership fee "Conscience Money" if they like.


Nobody can call you foolish for standing up and speaking out about what is right and proper. They can only call you an foolish if you say and do nothing.


Let's make a difference.


Regards,†††††††† COL DRURY


President ARP†††† Ph 03 9561 4208


The venue for the meeting is The Brewery Tap Hotel Warrenheip, Ballarat. Everyone is welcome to attend.


DUTSON DOWNS and Toxic dump debate

The following letter recently appeared in the Gippsland Times.The letter was also sent to The Age and The Herald Sun who, as yet, not publish the same letter.

 An open letter to the Ministers for major projects and for Planning.

 Dear Ministers

 Whilst considering the proposal for a soil recycling facility (or stage 2 or 3 storage) at Dutson Downs, are you aware that water sampling within the proposed extension of the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park and adjacent to the Dutson Downs facility has revealed significant levels of heavy metal contamination, specifically (as Mg per L): arsenic 0.91, Chromium 1.54, copper 0.36, nickel 0.23, lead 1.41, zinc 0.46 and mercury 0.0030.

Can we be assured that this is not leeching or seeping out of the existing Dutson Downs facility and if not from there, where is it coming from?What action is being taken to rectify the present contamination prior to considering putting further pressure on this sensitive area?

Colin Drury 

President†††† Australia Reform Party

 Ph 03 9561 4208