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Good Government

A Federation of Equals: not just states driven from Canberra.
Better Representation: members to represent their constituents before party solidarity.
Recall of Members: members who lose their confidence of their electorate to be recalled by electorate.
MP Pension, Pay and Perks: should be brought into line with the rest of Australia. Fixed Parliamentary Terms, that elections should be held on a fixed date not a political convenience.
Citizen Initiatives: referendums to be held in conjunction with Federal/State elections.
Cutting the Size of Governments: by reducing the duplication, red tape and intrusions into the lives of individuals and businesses.
Federal Transfers: there should be guaranteed funding to states.
Tax Reform: reassessment and simplification of the system to encourage increased reward for increased effort.
Government Contracting: contracts should be awarded on the basis of merit not patronage.
Constitutional Reform: support the submission of constitutional changes to referendum and not directly by parliament.
States Rights: that there is clarification of Federal and State jurisdiction.

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Economic Development

Job Creation: real, permanent jobs, basically through the private sector.
Balanced Budgets: by curbing the government expenditure no rising taxes.
Spending Priorities: to be determined by real need.
Preserving Key Programs: especially social programs.
Economic Development: should nurture our human resources and economic infrastructure and add value to our projects.
Sustainable Development: that all considerations carry equal weight in assessesment of projects.
Infrastructure Development: should support long term economic development, not create temporary jobs for political reasons.
Marketing Reform: agricultural producer organisations be controlled by producers not government bureaucrats.
Fisheries: an economic and sustainable fishing industry.
Natural Resource Development: should proceed with minimum of government single issue group interference.

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Good Industrial Relations

Unions: the right of workers to organise democratically, to bargain collectively and to strike peacefully.
Workers Rights: Suitably qualified persons should be able to engage in their chosen employment whether a member of a union or not.
Labour/Management Relations: that labour and management have a common interest in ensuring the success of Australian enterprises.

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The Law

Criminal Justice: a fair system that adequately punishes real criminals.
Victims Rights: that victims be allowed input into all criminal cases.
Property Rights: that property rights be entrenched in constitutions.
Firearm Laws: that actually improve public safety and uphold the right of law abiding citizens to own and use firearms.

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External Affairs Issues

External Affairs: that Australian sovereignty and self determination should remain in the hands of Australians and that neither should be signed away to international assemblies unless authorised by referendum.
Trade Policies: should reflect the trade policies of our competitors.
Defence: that there be a well trained and well equipped Australian defence force of suitable size.
Foreign Aid: should be tied to projects to which there is only Australian technical input and equipment used.
Agricultural Safety Nets: should protect producers from unfair foreign trade subsidies and natural hazards.

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Social Issues

Family: the family is the very foundation of Australian society and that government interference in this area be minimised.
Focusing Social Spending: to deliver maximum benefit for minimum cost.
Alternatives to Welfare State: that viable alternatives to government welfare be sought.
Health Care: that all Australians have access to quality health care.
Multiculturalism: that all citizens and private groups have the right to preserve their cultural heritage using their own resources.
Moral Issues: that moral issues such as abortion, euthanasia and capital punishment etc., should be submitted to the people in referendum.
National Identity: all Australians should be encouraged to foster a continuing sense of national identity and commitment.
Education: that a quality education system embracing civics, with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy be available to all Australian children.

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Local Issues


  • Law - make access to justice available for all Australians, not simply the rich. Possibly with the establishment of fixed hourly fees. Truth in sentencing laws.
  • Police - establish adequate police presence in rural and urban areas to enforce current laws. With special attention to drugs and alchohol abuse, and violent crime. Releasing police from the collection of traffic taxes.
  • Government - governments to serve fixed terms with elections at fixed dates. The subsequent savings to be passed on to the people.
  • Transport - infrastructure to be adequately funded. Stop using transport taxes for general revenue.
  • Education - development and maintenance of existing buildings. Review of class sizes and equipment for students use.
  • Health - Adequate hospital funding to enable proper health care, including mental and disabled care.
  • Water Levies - stop the further development of levy fees on Dams and Bores used by the farming community.
  • Redevelop government departments to assist rural industries.
  • Water - open investigation of the effect of logging in catchment areas.

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