Australian Reform Party
PO Box 64
Mandurang Vic 3551


"Accountable Representation for the People"

News Flash.

Australia has one of the few Constitutions in the world that can

 only be changed by the people and it is binding.


Even the United States constitution can be changed by Congress (Politicians)


 Vote No in any upcoming Federal Referendums.

If Governments get any more power it may be the end of Federation, (The Commonwealth of Australia) and property rights.





Colin Drury,  President

Colin is a retired Bank Manager from Knox and ran his own business for eight years. He has been a member of the ARP from its beginning. He is a keen fisherman and hunter.


Stan Ross, Vice President
Stan Ross is a farmer at Hexham. He has a keen interest in politics and local issues. He has held responsible positions in a variety of local voluntary organisations, including the CFA.

Ian Dean,  Secretary
Ian Dean is a retired science teacher, been and is in various organisations, RDA, CFA,  and other local environmental groups.  He has been interested in community affairs and politics.  He has been disappointed with the extreme opposite views taken by the major parties and the unreasonable regulations imposed on law abiding responsible citizens.