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Snowy Hydro and Politics



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Snowy Hydro and Politics

 The Snowy Hydro saga was never about sentiment or electricity, but water, our most precious resource. So why would three Governments even consider flogging that resource off to private enterprise?

 Forget John Howard as the saviour of the Snowy. In my opinion Howard is either a total hypocrite or has played politics with taxpayer’s money. Or both.

 Prior to the backflip, Howard said of the sale “It makes sense”. By 3/6/2006, this had changed to “There is no good public policy reason why it (the sale) should go ahead”.

 Did Howard wait for the State Labor Governments to lock the sale into Budget estimates before the backflip?  Yes, NSW and Victoria State Labor Governments played the major role in all this. Their economic management skills (or lack thereof) are a matter of record. They just wanted to get their hands on the cash.

Federal Labor’s role – they voted for the sale simply to save the necks of Iemma and Bracks – stuff the voters. How pathetic!

This fiasco has wasted $20 million (& counting) of taxpayer’s money, yet not one politician will held accountable - Why?

Further, what part of the word CUSTODIAN don’t these State and Federal government understand?

Colin Drury

Knox Branch