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 What is it with the Australian and International Media that they fawn upon every word uttered by a so-called Celebrity or Actor, as if they were the Font of all Knowledge?


CELEBRITIES. To qualify as a Celebrity, you usually have to be, or have been, one of the following: Played sport at a reasonably high level for a while at some earlier stage of your life. Appeared in some un-watched TV show for at least 15 minutes. Be a high profile criminal or associate thereof, who is not currently serving a Jail sentence. Have heaps of money and live a lavish lifestyle or be married to same. Know Eddie McGuire, or for the Media unit of the ALP-Greens alliance, formerly known as “Your ABC”: A controversial left-wing bureaucrat or academic.

ACTORS. To qualify as an Actor you have to be: Dressed and groomed by other people. Recite words that were written by someone else. Deliver them in a manner and style as instructed and directed by someone else and move around a certain area, known in the trade as a “set”, in the style and manner instructed and directed by other people.


It may come as a surprise to the Media, but none of the above qualifications equates them to a Rhodes Scholar, a Brain Surgeon, a Nuclear Physicist or gives them automatic membership of MENSA. It certainly doesn’t mean that we mere mortals must have the undoubted privilege and honour of having their thoughts imparted to us as an Act of Grace. Perhaps the media could look somewhat wider to get views that would have more relevance and be more in touch with their audiences, such as Brickies Labourers, Check-Out Chicks, the kid at Macca’s, or Joe: The retired “insert job here”. What Pearls of Wisdom might we then be offered?


 Col Drury 8/1/18





The RBA’s inflation calculator shows that a basket of goods worth $100 at the end of 2006 would cost $126.91 at the end of 2016. That’s an increase in inflation of 26.91% over the last 10 years.                

My electricity charges have been:

SUPPLY CHARGE   5/2/07 – 9/5/07   $36.51          5/2/17 – 5/5/17   $99.42.    An increase of 272%

USAGE CHARGE   5/2/07 – 9/5/07 1020 KWH @ 0.1346 = $137.29      5/2/17 – 5/5/17 1023 KWH @ 0.2505 = $256.32.     An increase of 187%

To add insult to injury, this resulted in GST going from $17.38 to $35.57.An increase of 205%.

I actually went out into the street & had a look & I’ve still got the same wooden poles and copper wires that were there 40 years ago.

In S.A., Weatherill blew up a coal fired power station & is now installing a giant battery at an undisclosed cost, which will apparently power 4000 homes for a day or 30,000 homes for an hour. Pity about the other 740,000 homes over there.  Just to make sure, he’s importing 9 diesel generators from Europe. That should solve the problem.

Meanwhile, in Victoria, in between donning Fluoro vests to open wind & solar farms. Premier Daniel/Dan jacked up La Trobe valley coal royalties by 300%, which hastened the closure of Hazelwood.

While this is going on, our taxes are going to subsidise these unreliable/erratic renewable green fantasies.  If solar and wind power are now on an equal cost basis with coal, as some are claiming, STOP USING MY BLOODY TAXES TO SUBSIDISE THEM.

Politicians are elected to represent their electorates, NOT the disgraced U.N., nor the earth goddess Gaia & don’t tell me they’re trying to save the planet or I’ll bloody vomit.

The Federal pollies are no better. Every one of them who is or has ever been a minister, has sworn an oath in part.........that I will well and truly serve the people of Australia...........   Forget gay marriage, aboriginal recognition or becoming a republic, how about you just do what you swore an oath to do.

Why are politicians of all persuasions, both state & federal not only allowing, but actually encouraging the ripping off of their constituents.


   Col Drury 29/12/17.